3D Design & Shopfitting Solutions:


Our specialty in design, manufacture and installation of eye-catching visuals using the latest technologies available. From fabricated perspex 3D signs with LED's to lightboxes and window and shopfront signage.




- Concept Design                                                                                                             -  Interior Design                                                                                                           - Spatial Planning and Floor Plans                                                                                     - 3D Presentations and Designs                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Technical floor plan services incl. Electrical, plumbing, ceiling and bulkheads, sections and elevations. We include all the elements you will need in creating your new shop and to meet tenant requirements your new landlord/center management requires.                                                                       


We manufacture all the elements you require to create the store/space our design team creates for you. All this work is done in our factory in Silverton, Pretoria. From new tiles or wooden flooring to drywalls and ceilings, Electrical and Plumbing. Installations are carried out by a balanced and well equipped team. Skills are maintained at a high level as this is critical in delivering quality products timeously.